To manage various administrative processes and also to manage your products or services and you have reports of the money flows


  • Home: You will have a friendly interface with intuitive and highly functional design, because you can make countless records that allow you to automate and improve their internal processes.
  • Third parties: Manage third parties like customers, potential customers, contact customers, suppliers and many more. Fill out the information of the third party that you want to register and then can you generate from an invoice to an appointment.
  • POS: The POS is simply a module that will allow you to make sales, no need to make bills but rather need searching the product, add it to the basket, record the payment and in the end we will print the ticket.
  • Documents: With your document module can upload any file and have a backup, also in this section all invoices generated by the system are saved, this module will also allow you to upload files in other sections.
  • Agenda: Make appointments with your customers whether appointments, training, project deliverables or any type of event you need to register to not forget, this information will always be available to edit or delete it.
  • Utilities: This module can do different things like importing records from .csv (editable file in Excel) that can record much of their catalogs customers, suppliers and many more.
  • Products: You now have divided your services from the products and avoid problems with inventory stocks, manage all your stores together with the quantities of products they contain.
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