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For various reasons the Support Department of KIUBIX may need to connect remotely to your computer or ask your public IP address for this type of cases we have made available this website for your convenience. Just click the button to download the necessary software.

My public IP is:

Su direccion IP ha sido desbloqueada, por favor pruebe el servicio nuevamente.

Where I can see the status of my services?

Entering our customer area, it can do so from our website at the top right on "CUSTOMER ACCESS".

What is my access to the customer area?

These accesses are shipped with the welcome email as customer KIUBIX with the subject "THANKS FOR REGISTER" if you do not have the mail you can get your new password in the "CUSTOMER ACCESS" section of our website.

Why is my service suspended?

It is possible that the contract term has expired, if you have made your payment recently or know that the time is not yet fulfilled, may be due to a possible infection in your account that causes SPAM, please contact the technical support department to our phones or to the mail ayuda@kiubix.com

What is the procedure to make my payment?

  1. A service order with the desired service is issued and sent to your email with payment details.
    • For contracted services and renewal requiring the service order is automatically generated and sent to the mail 15 days before due date.
  2. You make the payment, it is important to notify the administration department to speed up the process of your bill and your service will not present any problems.

¿Why am I not receiving notifications?

Service notifications arrive at a single email administrator, verify that is the same as you are checking.

I have not received my bill

Invoices are sent to your account manager, invoices can be found in the folder JUNK or SPAM email due to blockages of certain electronic messaging services, if you have not received your bill you need to confirm your email with the administration area and confirm that you receive your bill.

¿What should I do if I want to change contact details?

For security reasons, any changes to the account or data must apply by sending an email with the request and the new data to the email administracion@kiubix.com, from the primary email account (mail where you receive all notifications of services).

I can not access my primary email, How I can request changes to the account?

Sending a letter stating the reasons, the requested changes, letterhead and signed by the legal representative annexing IFE and the Constitutive Act (in case of legal entities) to validate the authority and the signature of the document.

¿Can I pay a service order that has expired??

Service orders are generated within 15 days to make payment; the expiration of this order indicates the expiration of the service, so the day will be suspended if the amount is not covered, you may pay after the due date but this implies that the service will remain suspended until you realize this payment.

In the case of these billing pages they are not added to the account until the amount is paid, but the service if it was already previously hired will remain active.

In cases of development and / or programming, they will work contracted hours after the service order is paid.

If you can not find a solution to your problem in the help center, you can submit a ticket by selecting the appropriate department below.

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Consulting, purchase new products or hiring services


Doubts about the Data Center, Settings, Control Panel, Dedicated servers

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