Because it is not the same host, to host luxuriously

Experience servers with the best possible connectivity

Deluxe Hosting with Domain

For you businessman with demanding customers, keep always in line with the best accommodation, we give you the most out of our servers. Experience servers with the best possible connectivity.

More space

Ideal to ensure that your users have the most convenient service.

Free domain

Includes .org, .info, .com and .net if you acquire web hosting with us.

The best quality

For those special clients, assure the best quality.

Low saturation

Feel calm to use a server with more freedom.


DUX1 Plan
Domain Included
Traffic Monthly 6 GBs
5 email accounts
1 Database
Support 24X7
Free SSL Certificate
DUX2 Plan
Domain Included
Monthly Traffic 24 GBs
30 email accounts
10 databases
Support 24X7
Free SSL Certificate
DUX3 Plan
Domain Included
Monthly Traffic 40 GBs
60 email accounts
20 databases
Support 24X7
Free SSL Certificate
DUX4 Plan
Domain Included
Monthly Traffic 70 GBs
All the emails you need
All the databases you need
Support 24X7
Free SSL Certificate
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    "My opinion is that KIUBIX has the best of both worlds, a large company for the quality of its processes, and a small business by customizing its services and customer intimacy."

    • Mario Blanco López, Managing Director of Outcom


Includes: DUX1 Plan DUX2 Plan DUX3 Plan DUX4 Plan
Space 3 GBs 12 GBs 20 GBs 35 GBs
Traffic 6 GBs 24 GBs 40 GBs 70 GBs
Shell access
CGI access
Frontpage extensions
MySQL databases 1 10 20 All you need
Domain included .com, .net, .info, .org .com, .net, .info, .org .com, .net, .info, .org .com, .net, .info, .org
cPanel (Demo)
FTP accounts All you need All you need All you need All you need
Subdomains All you need All you need All you need All you need
Parked domains 0 1 3 5
SSL Certificate

How to buy Deluxe Hosting with domain?

I have a domain
I do not have a domain


Through telephone, mail or the website.


The invoice confirming the acquired service is generated.


You should send the invoice payment.


We register the service in our system.


We send the accesses and instructions for accessing.


You will receive a call from us to verify that the system is properly available.


Through telephone, mail or the website.


The invoice confirming the acquired service is generated.


We ask for your transfer code to release the domain and access to the backup of your page.


You should send the invoice payment.


We register the service in our system.


We send the accesses and instructions for accessing.

Why stay in KIUBIX?


Connection time or UPTIME in all of the KIUBIX Servers is 99.999% in connectivity and hardware.

All the configurations you need

All KIUBIX web hosting plans come with all the configurations you need.

Support all the time

We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ideal for SMBs

These web hosting plans have been designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that require a quality service at a low cost.

Control Panel cPanel©

Statistics accounts, Mail, File Manager, Settings and many useful tools for you and your company.


Your web hosting includes more than 300 scripts that with a few clicks you can install. Saving you time and hassle.

Free! Installation of +300 scripts when hiring


A blog is a web site that includes, as a personal diary of its author or authors, content of interest, frequently updated and often commented by readers.


An Internet forum is an asynchronous online discussion site where people post messages around a topic, creating a thread of hierarchical conversation.

Ad Management

An advertisement is a brief visual, auditory or audiovisual medium that transmits a message, usually focused on an idea or a concrete fact, for advertising purposes.

Image Galleries

The photo gallery is an online place where you can upload, store and manage images.


Wiki is the name that a website receives, whose pages can be edited directly from the browser, where users create, modify or delete content they generally share.


A calendar is a web system to manage events for home use and businesses.

Social Networking

Social networks are internet sites that allow people to connect with their friends and even make new friends, virtual, and share content, interact, create communities on similar interests.


E-learning consists of education and training through the Internet. This type of online teaching allows the user to interact with the material through the use of various computer tools.


An audio player is a type of media player for playing digital audio.


A video player is a device that stores, organizes and plays video files.


RSS is an XML format for syndicating or sharing content on the web. It is used to disseminate updated information frequently to users who have subscribed to the content source.


It is a program that will allow us to manage or work with different email accounts at once. Configuration, read, edit, query, etc. can be carried out.

Polls and Surveys

Web applications to develop, publish and collect responses to online & offline surveys.

Project Management

A project manager is a tool or software that allows a detailed control of each of the projects of a company. Control involves all parts of the work, such as planning, development and production, as well as dealing with the customer.



An ERP is a set of information systems that allows the integration of certain operations of a company, especially those that have to do with production, logistics, inventory, shipments and accounting.

Customer Support

The customer support is the one offered by a company to interact with its customers. It is a set of interrelated activities that it offers in order for the customer to obtain the product at the right time and place and ensure its correct use.


A Framework is an environment or work environment for development; Depending on the language usually integrates components that facilitate the development of applications such as program support, libraries, templates and more.

DB Tools

A database is a collection of information organized so that a computer program can quickly select the pieces of data it needs. A database is an electronic file system. Traditional databases are organized by fields, records, and files.

File Management

A file manager is an application that provides access to files and makes it easy to perform operations with them, such as copying, moving or deleting files.


In computing, a library is a set of functional implementations, encoded in a programming language, that provides a well-defined interface for the functionality that is invoked.

Portals / CMS

Guest Books

A guest book is an easy way to interact with your visitors and to know among other things what they think of your website.. Without any knowledge visitors can participate in your website by entering through a simple form thier comments and ratings of your website.


These scripts cover most of the uses a customer could ever have. We have covered a wide array of Categories so that everyone could find the required script one would need to power their Web Site.





Frequent questions

What is CPanel?

A tool for hosting administrator, giving the possibility of having a simple all controls and databases necessary to have the best operating interface.

What domains include?


What if I get to fill the capacity?

A backup is made or they expand the space for the first time, if it happens a package with more capacity will be offered.

What is an FTP account?

It is a protocol for file transfer that allows you to upload files to internet so everyone can see them.

What is a MySQL database?

A tool for data management.

What is Shell Access?

It means that your account is enabled so you can access via the command line. This allows you to run scripts more easily. These scripts can be radio stations, settings, etc.