About Us


About Us

KIUBIX is a 100% Mexican company with 17 years in the market, with the experience and technology necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

The company founded in 2001 from a project by two young entrepreneurs, which was a development called hidrocalidos.com. This project started as a portal that required social integration and software development WEB technologies. From success, he found the opportunity to grow as a software developer WEB technologies company offering web hosting services, remote backup, web development, multimedia development, software development and IT outshoreservices. Which it has allowed over time KIUBIX is consolidated and positioned as one of the best companies in the field WEB.

During the first years of 2001 to 2004 KIUBIX sales processes, production and administration were developed by hiring outside professional services and project possible way. It is from 2004 that starts with recruiting staff directly supporting the company.

Since 2004 and to date KIUBIX has continued to grow expanding its presence in Mexico and other countries. Stressing their social participation in COPARMEX voluntarily and leadership in the effort of youth entrepreneurship in the country.

Today KIUBIX has more than 26 employees, as well as the incorporation of new areas: sales, processes, quality and human resources. All united by becoming the best web development company in the country.

In KIUBIX we have the experience, technology, desire and ability to turn our customers ideas into reality.


Revolutionizing the way we do business on the Internet! With a working and reliable technology we create the future of business.

To take it we just concentrate on:

  • The personal and professional growth of team KIUBIX
  • Learning and using innovative technology to create products and services.
  • Working with customers to identify their specific needs and methodology necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Professionalize the work of Web developers in their environment.
  • The formation and dissemination of a culture based on the use of the Internet for the scope of business and social objectives
  • To satisfy our customers through a periodic after-sales service


We will break paradigms as doing business with products and services trendsetting.

To achieve our vision we work on:

  • To encourage the enthusiasm and commitment of the team KIUBIX
  • To encourage the external and internal communication encouraging innovation and solutions
  • The constant search for actions that lead us to make a work of excellence


Our values distinguish the relationship we seek to have with you and your company where you are always our reason for being.


As supreme value, security is the prerequisite for the permanence and success of our business. Thanks to the rigor of our technical and administrative procedures, it is possible to provide a service in which information is given a confidential and safe treatment.


Reflects the love, vocation and self taste for assistance to others. It is the affection and cordiality, respect and kindness in dealing with our customers, colleagues, suppliers, shareholders and all that has to do with our company. It is the hallmark of attention we like to receive and fulfill the other.


In carrying out our work according to the characteristics of quality, quantity and timeliness negotiated and announced. In our business, this value is reflected especially in the timely fulfillment in delivery times, support and activation of our products and services.


Is the efficient application of creativity. It is reflected in redefining and / or reinvention of products, strategies, activities and functions with a view to its improvement. Innovation allows us to find greater benefits from existing for them to be transferred to our customers and their users.


Putting the most of our capabilities we are committed to move forward with quality and excellence the work entrusted by our customers.