Keep your information in the cloud...



Have your own backup of your information available every time you need. It will always be available for you to download and make changes to.

Share Heavy
files easily

There is no limit. Share with your co-workers heavy files, the ones that are impossible to send in e-mails. Just upload them and they will be ready to be downloaded.


Enjoy 10GB wherever you have Internet access you can access from any computer or mobile device.


Keep calm, be sure that Pydio is certified with the best systems.

and friendly

A complete & easy platform, intuitive so that you can learn easily how to use Pydio.

Always keep your information safe and available on the internet. With a simple platform and the best cloud service on the net have at hand all those who collaborate with you. As easy as having all your dreams tied to a cloud.

How does Pydio work?

You have many files of great importance for your business, but you need all your collaborators to have these same reach.

With Pydio you solve this problem easily by depositing all the files and sharing them with all the users you want!

You are ready! Now see how you increase the effectiveness of your collaborators as well as the security of your files.

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