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Programming Policies

Outsourcing service for the realization of a project, with a multidisciplinary and experienced team. You will be able to monitor how progress is made in the established tasks.

No initial

Nothing of advances and big payments. Distributed in months spending.

We program to your needs

Depending on your need and delivery time we schedule working hours.

The best technologies

We use the best programming methods.

Multidisciplinary team

An expert from each area supports your project all the time.

You have weekly reports

We periodically send you a report so that you know exactly where your contracted hours are used.


10 hours of Programming
160 hours of support
24 Hours Emergency Support
Monthly backup of the system
Contact by Email / Tickets
25 hours of Programming
160 hours of support
24 Hours Emergency Support
Weekly backup of the system
Contact by Email / Tickets
70 hours of Programming
192 hours of support
24 Hours Emergency Support
Daily backup of the system
Contact by Email / Tickets / Cell Phone


Additional Service Cost
Visiting Support Personnel in Your Facilities $23,81 USD per hour
Visit of Support Personnel in Your Facilities (5 Hours) $71,43 USD
Additional Cost of Design or Programming $21,43 USD per hour
Install Script or CMS $23,81 USD
Script Version Update or CMS $38,10 USD
Infected Site Repair $133,33 USD
Back-Up Load on Site $71,43 USD


No initial outlay

The programming projects of a system usually require a very high investment. With this policy you can pay little by little as the programmers progress in your project.

Multidisciplinary team

We assign you a programmer, supervisor, graphic designer and technical support staff so that your system has comprehensive care.

Project Supervisor

In addition to your assigned programmer, you will have a supervisor who will be in charge of notifying you of everything related to the development of your system and verifying that everything is under control.

SCRUM Methodology

We work with the SCRUM methodology, so you can assign tasks and see the status of your project.

Specialized Programs

Whatever system you need we can do it from scratch! Just tell us your idea and we will see how to make it happen!

All sizes

The system or program you need is done based on your needs, no matter the size of your company.

Frequent questions

What is the programming policy?

You hire a team of people to develop the project, depending on the project we select the people on your team.

Is there a specific deadline?

Yes, at least 12 months.

What if I need more hours?

You can expand your package at any time.

Can I be in touch with the programmer?

Yes, you can be directly in contact with the project leader and the programmer who can tell you the daily progress of the project.

How can I know the progress?

You have access to a platform where you can review each of the activities and know the progress of each one of them.

What development methodology do you use?

We use the SCRUM methodology, where we perform partial and regular deliveries of the final product. It is specially created for you to get results soon and where the requirements are changing or poorly defined. For us it is fundamental to offer innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity.